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Open invitation to seekers after truth and God fearing people

We sincerely hope that seekers after truth and God fearing people will undertake the method of Istikhara Prayer that his Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian peace be on him, The Promised Messiah and Mahdi, described in his book "Nishaan e Aasmani" (The Heavenly Sign) for ascertaining the truth of his claim.
"I write here for the sake of brining it to knowledge that those seekers of Truth who are fearful of the Divine reckoning should not follow the mullah of these times without proper research, and that they should be mindful of these mullah as the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) advised us to be mindful. And that they should not be surprised to see these fatwas (religious edicts) because these fatwas are nothing new. If one is skeptical of this humble person or if one is not sure in his heart about the authenticity of the claim that this humble person has made, then I can tell you of one simple way of getting rid of these doubts with which a righteous seeker after truth could feel satisfied, God Willing. And that is as follows that the person should first repent sincerely and offer two rakat prayers at night and in the first rakat of which one should recite surah Ya-Sin once and in the second rakat surah Ikhlas 21 times. And after this one should say Durood Sharif 300 times and Astaghfar 300 times and should pray the following to Almighty God:
O Almighty and Merciful God, You know all matters that are hidden and we do not know, and the anointed and the rejected and the liar and the truthful cannot hide from your sight. So we implore Thee with all humility regarding to tell us what is the status of this person in Your sight who claims to be The Promised Messiah and Mahdi and the Reformer of the Age? Is he truthful or is he a liar? Reveal to us this matter from Thy Grace by way of a dream, vision or revelation. So that if this person is a liar we may not go astray by following him, but if he is anointed and from You we may not be damned by the disgrace of rejecting him. Protect us from all evil and You have all the Powers. Ameen.
This Istikhara should be done for at least two weeks, but after cleansing the mind of ego. Because if someone is already filled with hatred, and if ill-thinking has consumed him and if he wishes to find out through dreams about the person whom he already considers to be very evil, then Satan comes to him and keeping in line with the darkness that is already in his mind, puts even more dark thoughts in his heart. This leaves him in a state that is worse than his earlier state. So if you want to inquire some matter from Allah, then wash your breast clean of all enmity and hatred and empty yourself of all egotistical feelings and separate yourself from feelings of either love or hatred, ask Him for the guiding light, for He will certainly send down His guiding light as per His promise that will not be clouded by psychological apprehensions. So O seekers after truth! do not throw yourselves into evil by way of what the Mullah say. Arise! and make an effort to seek help from the Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing and All Guiding God. And see now that I have conveyed this spiritual message as well. The rest is up to you." (Nishaan e Aasmani).